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7 Outdoor Winter Activities for Toddlers & Moms

This week Chantal Kirkland is guest blogging with 7 Outdoor Winter Activities for Toddlers & Moms. You might know Chantal as Her blog is great! If you don’t know her please pour another cuppa and have a visit. Thanks to Chantal for writing about a topic we know I have a soft spot for – getting kids outdoors.  Here’s Chantal! I’ll be honest, there’s nothing I enjoy more than playing with my kiddos (for reals, you can see ALL the crazy hijinks I get up to with my kids on My 13 year old just started LaCrosse this week and I’m honestly kind of sad that, instead of playing with mom, he wants to practice with the kid down the street on his team. But I’ve still got YEARS to play with my toddler and baby…and this year, we’re exploring these awesome 7 Outdoor Winter Activities for Toddlers & Moms.…

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Food Plot Basics and Why We Have Them

Food plots are relatively new to this part of the country. The land that’s wide open and good for growing plants is used for human food crops. Our soil is old, acidic and rocky. In some places it’s too wet to do anything but grow alders. Let’s talk about food plot basics today. You probably aren’t going to learn enough about a food plot to run out and make one after reading this but you’ll have an idea of what, where, how and when we do what we do with our food plot.

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This week in the food plot

This week in the food plot The deer have been in the food plot nightly for the past month. They never arrive during daylight so we don’t get to watch them. A doe and last year’s fawn are usually here not long after sunset. We have a game camera in the field so we can see the deer and anything else that happens through. So far this winter the only thing other than deer is the neighbor’s dog, once. I’ve been watching one deer in particular this week in the food plot. It took this doe about 10 minutes to approach the new winter squash I put beside the mineral block. This is a buck on the left and the same doe facing the camera. He showed up in December. He isn’t here often. I’m hoping he’ll stick around for a while in the spring so that we can watch…

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In My Kitchen on February 1, 2016

In My Kitchen on February 1, 2016 My kitchen has been busy in the last month but it hasn’t been with anything fancy. January was a month of hibernation, pulling into myself, rethinking, garden planning, and enjoying the foods grown and put here on the homestead. Comfort food. Lots of my comfort foods.  In My Kitchen on February 1, 2016 My go-to meal last week was French Onion soup. I added an unusual ingredient for sweetness. Two apples wouldn’t have been enough but an apple and another fruit made it perfect. Not sweet, but there’s absolutely no bitter flavor French onion soup can sometimes have. It’s still in my kitchen on February 1 because it stores well in the fridge. Bannetons are new in my kitchen on February 1. I’m still learning proper care and use so my bread isn’t always ever coming out just right. I need to find…

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Survey: Who, What, Where, How, Learn

Survey: Who, What, Where, How, Learn Ha! Did you read who, what, where, how, when? “When” doesn’t fit into my survey but “learn” does. I’ve mentioned several times that I’m working on changes here, and that I’ve cut back on freelance work. I am very interested in hearing what you’d like to read. What would you like to learn? I live in the middle of no where in a tiny town (population 60) surrounded by millions of acres of forest. I garden extensively, have high and low tunnels, put up a lot of food, raise poultry for meat and eggs, hunt, fish, wild harvest, heat with wood, and live a “simple life” off the land. I don’t raise large livestock anymore other than a couple of pigs occasionally so that’s out of my expertise these days. The survey is here. If you’d like to add more please feel free…

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This week on the homestead

This week on the homestead This week on the homestead was quiet. I went out to massage therapy and chiropractic on Tuesday and have been firmly planted at home otherwise. It doesn’t feel like I’ve accomplished much for as busy as I’ve been. Tying up little loose ends is time consuming and at least this week, not very rewarding. Two ducks and a chicken are laying. That’s a small return for 16 layers and a lot of pellets and corn. They’ll be laying more than we can possibly use soon enough and then I’ll be selling and bartering rich, lovely duck eggs. Soon, but it’s still January. Mum’s Christmas cactus has its first blossom since having an unfortunate accident last year (that accident’s name is Ava…) that sent an entire bow window of plants smashing to the floor. The Thanksgiving cactus hasn’t recovered yet but the Easter cactus is going…

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Stay Warm in Winter Weather with these 5 Tips

I’ve been horse riding for around 13 years and have really ‘caught the bug’ and can’t imagine doing much else during my free time. Which means that I do have to endure the colder weather (not that the UK has had much of a winter this year)! Because of this, I have built up a rather large range of winter clothing and accessories that really do help me keep warm. When asked if anyone could do a guest blog post for Robin I thought ‘I could write one offering some advice how to stay warm in winter weather.

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