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Moving to A Life In The Wild

Pin Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleMoving to A Life In The Wild I’m moving. I’m still in the middle of packing up a handful of posts and moving them to a new blog called A Life In The Wild. I hate moving. It’s time to move and it’s the right thing but that doesn’t make the process any easier. SEO didn’t exist when I started blogging in 2006. When I moved from Blogger to WordPress I imported posts and what are now problems. Then I moved a new domain and imported those problems plus new ones. I spent weeks working behind the scenes. I might as well have beaten my head on the wall. A lot has changed in life so what the heck, why not a new blog with a clean slate and a narrower focus? Please remember to change your subscription and reader to the new blog. I…

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Old, Worn, Broken Down

Pin Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleOld, Worn, Broken Down “Everything I use is old, worn, broken down or ugly.” It’s draining. It’s discouraging. It whittles away at my self-worth. It makes my work take three times as long as it should and all too often I can do only a half-assed job at best. Along with my tools and equipment, I’ve been feeling old, worn and broken down. I think I’m making my way back but I wouldn’t swear to it. I need to rototill two strips in the high tunnel so that I can amend the soil. The rototiller I can handle won’t start. The rototiller that works is more than I can handle in the tunnel. They’re both old, worn, broken down. At least they’re not ugly. My laptop, a Lenovo, isn’t old but it’s broken down. I sent it in for repairs when it was three months…

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