Beaver: Now You See Him…


I had an armed standoff with a beaver last night. We were on a backwoods road (again), on our way to nowhere in particular, just riding. We saw snapping turtles, snakes, a couple of hawks, and this beaver. The sun was going down and at just the right angle to make it hard for me to get a good shot. He wouldn’t stay still. I had to adjust my aim several times. I hoped he’d give in and slap his tail so that I could get the shot, and for a minute or so I thought he would, but then he escaped.

The lighting was terrible but here are my shots. I’ve been outdone by a beaver.

beaver, beaver swimming

A beaver…nuff said.

beaver, beaver swimming

He’d had enough of me.

beaver, beaver swimming

And that was the end of our standoff.


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2 thoughts on “Beaver: Now You See Him…

  1. Robin Post author

    We do travel the same roads. If I happen to see you skinny dipping in a bog on the side of the road I’ll give you fair warning before I turn the camera on!


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