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North Woods Law

North Woods Law, Kris MacCabe, white tail fawn, Maine game warden
Maine Game Warden Kris MacCabe bottle feeds a rescued white tail fawn.

Do you watch North Woods Law on Animal Planet? Season Two premieres tomorrow night. Along with Kris MacCabe, Alan Curtis and Cruizer (K9) you’ll see a lot of wardens who are new to the show this season. Poaching, finding the lost, hunting, fishing, education, rescuing critters, and making sure Maine’s laws are obeyed (or else!) are all part of North Woods Law. Warden Brad Richard helped me yesterday with a predator problem. I’ll be watching this season in hopes of seeing Brad on the show (I didn’t think to ask him while he was here.).

They’d like to have 15,000 likes on their Facebook page before the show starts at 9 pm Thursday, January 24. They’re short a little more than 2,000 likes as I write. Check out their page! You’ll see pics of the new wardens, updates on the show and more.

While I have your attention:
Thanks to Emily MacCabe for this photo of Kris feeding a “rescued” fawn. A well-meaning person “rescued” the fawn. White tail does leave their fawns, which don’t have a scent, for most of the day. Predators might find the doe but if they scentless-fawn isn’t with her, it’s safer.  If you care, leave them there.

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