Who Owns Johnny’s Seeds and Territorial? It’s not Monsanto

It’s one of my pet peeves. The irresponsible, potentially damaging rumors circulated by blogs, forums and emails listing the seed companies owned by Monsanto drive me nuts. They list Johnny’s Seeds, an employee-owned Maine business as being owned by Monsanto. Ouch. Territorial Seed Company is always on the list.

Erica at Northwest Edible Life (just started reading her blog, love it) explains how these rumors started and who owns what.

Facts matter. Please don’t help well-meaning but clueless folks cause damage.

My order for Johnny’s and Fedco are in the works. I’ve done the reading and circling in Johnny’s. l write about it soon. I’ll talk about what I’m ordering and what I’ll do with each item and why I chose the variety. The info I’ll provide falls in with my Word of the Year for 2013 (which I’ll post tomorrow).

3 thoughts on “Who Owns Johnny’s Seeds and Territorial? It’s not Monsanto

  1. Ken

    Just left a comment on the northwest blog you mention.
    Re Johnny’s and the whole Monsanto turning the screws on Seminis thing.
    Johnny’s has been selling OPs for going on 40 YEARS, now employee owned.
    They have impressed me with innovative, and delightful offerings, like the year they first offered heirloom Russian tomatoes! Maine gardeners & growers rejoice! These gals n guys have earned the love, original signers of Safe seed pledge. Give em a call, you’ll be glad you did. (signed, just a grower)


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